NGroup and Priority One

Priority One Services is a leading electrical, refrigeration and air-conditioning installation and servicing company that operates primarily in Melbourne’s southern and southeastern suburbs as well as on the Mornington Peninsula. Its servicing division is Priority One which has built an enviable reputation for 24-7 service since the first version of the company was founded in 1998.

Commercial clients include supermarkets, vegetable and fruit shops, butchers, seafood outlets, and wineries whose livelihoods and reputations depend on efficient operation of their electrical, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Domestic clients include some of Melbourne’s leading citizens who rely on the company to keep their holiday retreats on the Mornington Peninsula operating effectively.

Formerly the Nicholson Group, Priority One Services is also extensively involved in the renewable energy sector and installs rooftop solar panels, solar energy batteries, geothermal heating and cooling services, hydronic heating, air-conditioning, and both diesel- and natural gas-powered generators in commercial and residential buildings.